SFNE is developing a Buy American Fabricated Educational and Public Relations Campaign to increase awareness that New England public construction jobs are being awarded to companies outside of the United States. 

The plan underway is to activate public awareness campaigns at the beginning stage of construction projects. The program will consist of an SFNE generated letter sent to public officials and local media as soon as we learn about a project. We want to get in front of public officials at the outset of a construction project to promote the benefits of supporting American companies. 

The letter will emphasize that the selection of an American company is better for the local economy. The plan is for these letters to bring awareness to local officials, the media, and the general public who may want to save American jobs. SFNE’s goal is to have these stakeholders better understand that if they award a project to a foreign steel fabricator, they may be getting a lower price for their project, but are hurting their local community and the regional economy. 

To get this long-term project off the ground, SFNE has formed a Buy American Fabricated Task Force. 

If you are interested in participating or making a comment, please contact Cathy Flaherty at cflaherty@ssfne.org

SFNE Buy American Fabricated Task Force

Randy Cameron, Gerdau

Stephen Capone, Capone Iron Corporation

Gregory Clauson, AISC

David Cronin, Jr., D. Cronin’s Welding Service

John de Vries, Central Steel Supply

Adam Fallon, USI

Brett Miller, Building Envelope Systems

Hollie Noveletsky, Novel Iron Works

John Severini, Charles Leonard Steel Service

Colleen Wiesbrock, Infra-Metals Corporation

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