Virtual Webinar

October 29, 2020

9:00 am – 10:00 am

Presented by: Danny Steyn, Oceans Machinery

The presentation content dealt with the following:

  • Discussion of welding robots, their history, and how welding robots have evolved from the early days of highly repetitive assembly-line work to being able to economically weld structural steel structures where every beam is different from the next one
  • How advances in detailing software and robotic programming software have made this happen
  • An overview of the various Robotic Welding solutions available in the market today, along with their prices, capabilities, advantages and disadvantages
  • An overview of the Ocean Challenger solution, what it does, and what it doesn’t do, and why it works for the medium sized structural steel fabricator, including the range of profiles it welds, the types of welds it can do, what it costs, what options are available, as well as future upgradability
  • Typical site requirements that need to be met prior to installation and training
  • Understanding embedded and non-embedded weld information in the dealing model
  • How fabricators prepare and import weld assemblies, and an overview of 3-D detailing models, outputs, and DSTV files.
  • An overview of the type of fabrication that generates the fastest return on investment, and fabrication assemblies that just don’t lend themselves to robotic welding
  • A comparison of manual welding to robotic welding, in terms of time, cost, consistency, accuracy, quality control, consumable life, etc.
  • Simple ROI and Cash Flow calculations using local labor rates, product mix, typical output, etc.

Meet Danny Steyn

Danny Steyn is a productivity and efficiency expert in the field of Steel Fabrication. With a degree from South Africa in Mechanical Engineering and post graduate experience in highly productive assembly lines, ranging from fast moving consumer goods to the automotive industry, Danny has focused his attention on identifying opportunities in refining structural steel production.

Since moving to the USA in 1993, Danny has helped steel fabricators around the world embrace productivity enhancement by analytic measurement, optimizing work flow and by implementing affordable and versatile automated machinery.

Ocean Machinery, through their various manufacturing partners have installed more than 1,500 CNC machines around the world, and with their newest partner, AGT, a leading North American welding robotics company, they have produced the Ocean Challenger, the most affordable CNC automated robotic welder for the structural steel fabricator.


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