Golf Tournament Evaluation

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Golf Committee

Justin Schietinger, Intsel Steel  Distributors
Lori Chasse, S.L. Chasse Steel
Paul Diederich, Duncan Galvanizing
Sean Hood, USI New EnglandChris Schrimpf, Schrimpf Welding & Fabricating Co.
John Sorrentino, Capone Iron
Steve Tapply, Northeast Machinery Sales, Inc.

Tournament Volunteers

Nikki Kubie, Infra-Metals Corporation
Amanda Galarza, Infra-Metals Corporation
Chris Libby, Novel Iron Works
Rosalie Jukonski, QSR Steel Corp.
Matt Obeid, The Steel Supply Company

Raffle Prize Donations

Airgas USA
Bay Crane
Building Envelope Systems
Capone Iron Corporation
Charles Leonard Steel Services
D. Cronin’s Welding
Duncan Galvanizing
Fraser Molloy & Associates
Intsel Steel
Novel Iron Works
Regal Industrial Corporation
V & S Galvanizing

Tournament Winners

First Place

Group 14A:

Scott Wilson, Diamond Iron Works

John Doherty, Diamond Iron Works

Dave Libby, Diamond Iron Works

Adam Fallon, USI

Second Place

Group 15A:

Mark Delaney, Delaney Associates

Scott Delaney, Delaney Associates

Rick Delaney, Delaney Associates

Mark Delaney, Jr., Delaney Associates

Third Place

Group 14B:

Evan Lafond, Bay Crane Northeast

Bill Nangle, Bay Crane Northeast

Richard Wilmont, Chadwick-BaRoss

Chris Waterson, Waterson Terminal Services

Contest Winners

Chipping Contest

John Matarese, Liberty Supply, Inc.

Straightest Drive

Jason Freeman, Atlantic Equipment Installers, Inc.

Closest to the Pin

BJ Lee, Multi-Weld

Longest Drive – Men

Pat Moynijan, Consigli Construction

Longest Drive – Women

Lori Chasse, S.L. Chasse

Hot Shot Cannon

Tyler McCarthy, Next Gen Ironworks (3″)

Rob Moore, Charles Leonard Steel (33″)