SFNE Members Testify in Support of Legislation to Require Preference for U.S. Manufacturers

October 19, 2021

SFNE efforts to have  S2546, legislation passed to reduce the level of publicly funded steel fabrication jobs awarded to foreign companies continued when a group of members, colleagues and legislators testified before the Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight on October 19th.

This legislation will allow the Massachusetts steel fabrication industry to fairly compete for taxpayer-funded construction projects instead of that work going to foreign businesses. In addition, the passage of this legislation will add local jobs, generate needed tax revenue for government services, and create economic activity for many sectors of our economy through its multiplier effect.

Those testifying in support of the legislation included:

  • Senator Joan Lovely (D-Salem)
  • Stephen Capone, President, Capone Iron Corporation
  • Robert Cuomo, Ph.D.President Cuomo Consulting Group
  • Catherine Flaherty, Executive Director, Steel Fabricators of New England
  • Brian Lombardozzi , Vice President of State Governmental Affairs, Alliance for American Manufacturing
  • Max Puchtel, Director of Government Relations and Sustainability, American Institute of Steel Construction

To see the list of the bill’s sponsors, click here.

Moving forward SFNE continues to encourage members to send letters to the legislators representing their city or town where they live or work to ask that they co-sponsor S2546.  SFNE is also asking members to contact the Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight  to ask them to give the bill a Favorable Report.