SFNE Buy American Legislation Filed in Massachusetts

Senate Docket No. 2753, the SFNE Buy American legislation, was filed by Senator Joan Lovely, Democrat – Second Essex.

If passed, the legislation will require that public construction projects contain a provision to require that the iron, steel, fabricated steel, and manufactured goods are manufactured in the United States.

Like many other industries, Massachusetts steel fabrication companies and their employees have been adversely affected by COVID-19. These trying times have been compounded by imports of dumped and subsidized fabricated structural and miscellaneous steel products.

The passage of this legislation will significantly help the Commonwealth’s steel fabrication industry overcome the unfair competitive advantage that foreign companies currently have in Massachusetts.

Moving forward, SFNE expects to ramp up its media, social media, and member engagement.   The continued support from members and the steel fabrication industry will be greatly appreciated as these efforts continue.

Links to Senate Docket No. 2753, “An Act to promote American manufacturing” are below.