SFNE Employee Retention Roundtable Discussion Webinar
May 20, 2021
9:00 am – 10:00 am

Are you having trouble retaining and keeping your employees motivated?

You are not alone. The majority of companies in the New England steel fabrication industry are facing the same employee retention challenge and COVID 19 has exacerbated the problem.
Businesses suffer when key employees leave. Employee turnover hits the bottom line and overall productivity.

To learn what is or isn’t working to reduce employee turnover, join your SFNE colleagues for an open roundtable discussion webinar. During the discussion, attendees will address current issues and share tips and techniques that have worked in their companies.

We will cover the following questions during the Webinar:Should we assess company loyalty differently than ten years ago? That is, should we recognize that employees today leave more regularly and accept that as part of the business model?How long should we plan on keeping employees before they leave?Aside from overpaying, what are tips to keep employees longer? Do they value work-life balance (or is it just the money)?How can we motivate people who are now required to work in the office after being home for over a year?

Rose Jukonski from QSR Steel will serve as the moderator.

Other SFNE members who have already agreed to join the discussion include:

Stephen Capone, Capone Iron
Steve Chasse, S.L. Chasse Steel
Kris Kraft, EDM Construction
Mike Evans, Metals Machinery
John Roy, Connecticut Galvanizing

Please feel free to submit retention issues you would like to discuss. You can contact Katie Burke to submit your questions or add them to the registration form.

We hope you will join us on May 20th!


Members = $25.00 per person

Non-Members = $50.00 per person